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The Duck has been in the same ownership since 1977 and during that time a great deal of staff have passed through our doors. We've had our share of partnerships and marriages, lifelong friendships and some amazing career progressions. Many of our team have gone on to have businesses of their own. Equally many leave and then return to us after a while. We actively encourage growth in our business and will do everything we can to help those who want to learn and flourish.

We believe in helping you to stay healthy and everyone has membership of our local spa and gym, we pay well and all tips are shared out on an hours worked basis, so everyone gets a fare share, whatever their role.

Although we do not have staff accommodation we help you with your search, arrange car shares and generally support you throughout your time with us. We ask in return that you are respectful of those you work with, commited and professional in your approach to our customers and passionate about this amazing industry in which we work. Yes, we are busy, and no it's not all about hanging out by Duck Tarn before service, having a pint of own our beer brewed here on site, but we can promise you that you will always be learning and at the forefront of the industry.

FOH and Housekeeping.

We have vacancies for waiters and waitresses.

As one of the front of house team you are part of our customer's initial impression of the Duck, so we need you to love team work, communicate well and have a thirst for knowledge. But above all be welcoming and friendly.

We also have a vacancy in housekeeping to help look after our 17 indivually designed rooms. Same requirements as above but an attention to detail essential.

The Kitchen

The Duck has always been as famous for it's food as it's stunning location. We have a very high skill level in the kitchen, which is led by the very talented and open minded Jonny Watson. Here at the Duck, there are excellent oportunities for those who want to learn and grow. At the moment we are looking for a CDP and also a highly motivated, very talented Sous who wants to advance their career and help us move forward in this exciting time of change in the food industry. Passion, open mindedness and a sense of presence essential.

For further information ring us on 01539 36347 to talk through the formalities and become part of our brilliant team. Thank you for looking at our career page.

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